Repello Muggletum

Posted on: 15 July, 09

As much as I love books, I have not read any of the Harry Potter books from cover to cover.  I have read bits and pieces reading aloud to my boys when they were little or when subbing.  I had only seen the first movie in its entirety. I have seen a few minutes of the other movies.  The books are terrific, but just not my genre. 

The boys really wanted to go to the opening day of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  Hubski had that silly thing called work, so I went with them.  Yes, I could have dropped them off, but the theatre is not exactly close to our house.  Besides, they really wanted me to go with them.  The movie was actually quite good.  Even without really knowing the prior storyline, I understood what was going on.  The movie can stand on its own.  You have to have some general knowledge of who Harry is and what Hogwarts is all about, but not much more than that. 

The characters are now teenagers.  With teenagers, awkward romance is not far behind.  It was quite innocent, but fun to watch.  There was a point in the movie when it was entirely obvious that something scary was going to happen, yet everyone in the audience, including me, jumped and screamed.  That is a well made movie. 

Harry Potter is still not my genre.  Nonetheless, I am proud of Harry for creating so much excitement about books and reading.  I love that children beg their parents to let them stay up until midnight so they can get the newest Harry Potter book as soon as it hits store shelves.  My boys were reading Harry Potter books on the kindergarten nap mats.  Harry has grown up with my boys.  It is a little sad to see it all come to end.


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