No Mo’ Jo’s

Posted on: 17 July, 09

I would like to say I am done with JoAnn Fabrics, but there are not many other options for me.  Had it not been for the lovely conversation I had with the young mom at the pattern catalog table, my evening would have been infuriating.  Upon entering the store, there were huge, vacant places on the sales floor.  It had the vibe of a store in the midst of a going out of business sale.  The fabric was sparse.  There were lots of empty shelves.  Totally empty shelves.  The pattern drawers were also glaringly empty.  The young mom could not find any of the patterns she wanted either. 

On my way out, the cashier asked, “Did you find everything you needed?”  Gee, since I did not buy anything, no, I did not find everything, or anything, I needed.  I politely explained my impression of the store.  She said it is because they are in between seasons.  Really?  Why would the crafts and notions be so sparse between seasons?  Notions have a season?  I explained that except for bridal and fleece, there was very little fabric.  She said, “Well it is the peak bridal season, you know… spring and summer weddings.”  Hmmm, spring has long passed and if I were having a summer wedding, that dress would already be sewn up since summer is on the downward slope.  I admire her for trying, but I am not buying it.  As a matter of fact, I did not buy anything.  I had gift cards I wanted to use, but found nothing. 

As much as I do not like that store, I would hate to see it close because it is the closest fabric store.  There is a quilt store that is a little closer, but small, never open, and very quilty.  There is also an exceedingly high end boutique fabric store, but their specialize in evening wear fabrics.  So, JoAnn’s is the closest normal fabric store.  The next closest is in a questionable area that I will go to in the daylight, when I am feeling brave and sprightly enough to sprint through the parking lot.  Perhaps it was my imagination, but I felt the corporate grim reaper lurking in the shadows of my local JoAnn’s. 


5 Responses to "No Mo’ Jo’s"

I was in there yesterday looking for a pattern and had the same impression. There was little to no dress fabrics – fleece and crudy bridal. Plus I was nearly run over (literally) by an employee who was moving the yarns around and apparently I was in her way! g

Yep–I know what you mean . It’s like “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” situation. Now and then, our Jo’s go through temporary nothingness also. They really need to wake up and cater to their customers needs.

I’ve been in my local JoAnn’s a couple of times this week –

It’s sold out of a lot of stock, especially in the poly/rayon blouse and dress fabrics (which have been on sale for the past couple of weeks). Still has good selection of quilting cottons, moderate selection of fleeces and special occasion fabrics.

Some patterns were restocked (Simplicity’s new ones that I noticed), and others not.

Yarn section is “hit or miss” – with a number of spots close to empty.

Clearance fabrics is noticeably depleted – but they are just finishing a 50% clearance fabrics.

I haven’t really looked at the other sections in the store, although my impression is that re-stocking is spotty – some items are restocked, and some items are down to the last 1 or 2 on the shelf with no more arriving.

I also overheard the staff discussing an upcoming reduction in staff hours.

I do know from talking with the staff there that they do not have control or input – corporate sends whatever, and it’s apparently not based on what’s selling at the individual store level.

I already do some fabric ordering online, but I kind of count on Joann’s pattern sales (Simplicity at $1.99 ending today, Butterick sale coming up soon) …

I hate, hate, hate the selection/options/notions/STUPID LACK OF BIAS TAPE at my local Jo-Ann. I wondered how the corporation even stayed in business. Then, I went to one of their superstores and it was amazing. Too bad I got lousy service there. 😦

This is the same impression that I got when I last went to a local JoAnn’s. The aisles had been wider by 50% in the fabric area with fabric only on the top section and those sections are sparse. I even asked if they were going out of business. The answer was “No” but I’m not sure that I believe them. There was far too little inventory in a store of that size. Every area was sparse not just the fabric.

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