Jump Start

Posted on: 18 July, 09

Unintentionally, I have gotten a jump start on my autumn wardrobe.  I saw this top at Hungry Zombie Couture:

It is from the 05/08 issue of Burda World of Fashion. 

I liked the little wrap across the waist.  BWOF does not come in my size.  Time to hack an Ottobre.  As I was looking at v-neck patterns, I wanted to eliminate the center seam.  Then it seemed like just a piece of fabric added to a plain tee. 

Since it was time to make dinner, I made a quick sketch on the back of an envelope.  As I sketched, a light bulb went off.  The ubiquitous wrap style shirt from Ottobre!  I erased the center front seam and extended the vee to a wrap style.  Aha! 

The fabric is a rather unusual knit that Hubski bought at Mood Fabrics in NYC.  I have tried to explain to him that different is not always good when it comes to clothes.

I started with design #17 from the 05/08 issue of Ottobre Woman.  Some good old fashioned draping was needed to figure out the front panel.  The knot just was not working for me.  The proportions did not work on my small frame.  I used a “phone a friend” and asked my neighbor to take a look at it.  We watch Project Runway together, so I asked her to channel Tim Gunn for me.  I ended up going with my instinct, but it was nice to have someone to listen to my thought process. 

In the BWOF version, the panel is applied flat in the side seams and gathered off center with a little tie.  In my version, the long side of the panel is flat in the side seam, but the shorter side is pleated softly in the other side seam.  I like the sort of zig zag effect.  We all know that a few pleats or gathers can be a very kind thing for a middle aged tummy. 

My original plan was to make a sleeveless top for the summer, but the top screamed out for sleeves.  Who am I to argue with a screaming top? 


10 Responses to "Jump Start"

Very cute “hack” of the Burda! I love Shannon’s top too–both of you look great in your new duds!


I like your top better than the BWOF. It looks great on you! And Teri, I don’t think you have a middle aged tummy yet.

Love your inspired top! The zig-zag effect is indeed pretty darn nifty!

P.S. Boy, was I surprised to open up your blog to find myself staring at me!

LOL. It has happened to me a couple times, and, yes, it is a little weird. Your top looks great on you, so much so that I wanted to copy it. 🙂 I always find interesting how something can look great on one person, and not so much on another. Body proportions are everything.

Thanks for reading!

Excuse me–but you don’t have any middle age tummy! The top, howver, is very cute. Good knock-off!

Looks lovely – great take on another fabulous shirt. g

Great job on the top.

This is freakin’ gorgeous. You could wear it as easily with jeans as with a long black satin skirt.

Stunning !

(oh how I love a great pattern hack)

Love it. The fabric and your design. Great work Teri.

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