The Wonderful Web

Posted on: 19 July, 09


Adobe PhotoShop is a great tool, but it is a memory hog.  When I reloaded the operating system on my computer a few months ago, I decided to not reload PhotoShop because it made my computer run slowly.  In computer years, mine is well passed its midlife crisis.  When I wanted to edit a photo, I would email the photo to C’s computer, which has PhotoShop and the Bamboo pen tablet.  The only downside was having to negotiate with C for computer time.  Then I discovered Pixlr

Pixlr is a web based image editing software.  It does have all the nifty features of PhotoShop, but it comes close.  The one tool I really miss is the straighten tool.  My photos are often crooked.  I don’t know how to use all of the tools, but I didn’t know how to use most of the ones in PhotoShop. 

For someone really serious about photography, Pixlr may not be powerful enough.  However, for those of us who just want to tweak our photos, Pixlr could be just the ticket.  Can’t beat the price.  Free.  It might also be useful for people who want to do some quick photo editing while on travel.  Download your photos to your laptop, tidy them up with Pixlr, and upload to blog, Facebook, photosharing site, etc. 

2 Responses to "The Wonderful Web"

That’s very handy to know. I’m in a similar position to you – I have photoshop on my PC which is downstairs in the cold office, but not on my laptop, and I quite often want to muck about with pics on the laptop.

so this tool will help a beginner photographer like me to tweak the photo result, right?

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