Posted on: 20 July, 09


While in Michigan for my father in law’s funeral, we stopped by a bookstore to get a little reading material for the hotel room.  I just could not pass up Crobots by Nelly Pailloux.  The amigurumi style of crochet appeals to me because I love the adorable little quirky creatures. 

The book contains directions for twenty different crobots.  Immediately, I saw potential for hacking together different parts.

My niece fell in love with the little creatures too.  Ok, truth be told, just about everyone who saw the book was charmed, except for my brother in law.  He is literally a rocket scientist, so what does he know anyway.  Certainly nothing about crafty or cute things.  🙂

It just so happens that my niece’s birthday is this weekend.  I never know what to get her because I see her once a year, at most, and she has every toy and gadget under the sun.  As we paged through the book, I casually asked which ones were her favorites.  Despite having almost a month’s notice, I waited until today to get started. 

Once you get a feel for the directions, it goes fairly fast.  I have one completed, one that just needs the parts put together, and the parts of another one almost done.  The embellishing part is the best part.  I will definitely take photos before I mail them.  I need to think of a clever way to package them…  any ideas?


3 Responses to "Crobots"

Make him a little cardboard rocket ship? Maybe your rocket scientist bro-in-law will appreciate that.

Cute! Coats and Clark website has a crocheted “dog pillow” that I made for my grandson. It has a dog head, hears, nose attached to a long body that you stuff with a travel pillow. That’s my grandson’s floor pillow and he loves it.

I came across one lady’s blog with all those cute little creatures that she had designed. they were soooo cute…and I do mean cute! If I can find it again, I’ll forward it on to you. I would love to see what you’ve made. And I think marymary’s idea for sendint it is clever.

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