Gore(y) Details

Posted on: 21 July, 09

Here is another Ottobre Woman winner.  This would have been an extremely fast skirt if I had followed the directions.  The pattern calls for a knit, but I wanted to use a woven.  This required adding a zipper to be able to get it on.  Adding a zipper meant adding a waist band instead of the elastic casing.  I used bias tape to give the waist a smooth, comfortable finish. 

Let me back up.  If you go with the Ottobre plan, this is a fantastically easy pattern.  First, there is only one pattern piece to trace.  You cut out ten gores, then just start sewing them together.  With a knit on the serger, this skirt could be finished in minutes.  Zip through those seams on the serger, add elastic on the serger, stitch down on the regular sewing machine, then add a hem.  What could be easier?

Using a woven required slightly more time and a few more steps.  Because I was a little worried about this fabric shredding along the seam lines, I pressed the seams to one side and topstitched.  Then there was the zipper and bias tape for the waistband.  (If I had added another gore, it would have slipped over my hips and I could have done the elastic waist.)

Because I am several inches shorter than standard Ottobre uses, the pattern had to be shortened.  The pattern is drafted to about mid calf.  When you are short, mid calf is a tricky look to pull off.  Simply whacking off the top are bottom would have changed the silhouette of the skirt.  I shortened the pattern in three different places, top, middle and bottom. 

The end result is a fabulously comfortable skirt that looks cute with a tank.  I can also dress it up with a nicer top and/or jacket. 

Oh, the nitty gritty details.  The pattern is design #11 from the 02/09 issue of Ottobre Woman.  The fabric is woven I found in New York a few months ago.  It is not as shiny as it looks in the photo.  If you want to skip adding a zipper, make sure you use a knit with some stretch.  It is a close fit.


8 Responses to "Gore(y) Details"

Lovely skirt. Hope you get lots of wear out of it. g

Very sharp outfit.

That looks realy cute on you. Love the colors and the length. Suits you so nicely. I always worry about wovens shredding along the seam line. When I was fat, I had a skirt that did that when I sat down – on the bus no less. Talk about embarassing.

Love it! I already had this pattern in mind next time I have a knit that wants to be a skirt, so I’m glad to hear it is as simple as I thought. I’m sure I’ll need to shorten it too–mid calf is bad news all around!

I love your skirt! It looks beautiful on you.

I just made that pattern…twice!…posted one of the versions on flickr. I didn’t bother with the second although with a cotton jersey, the skirt flared differently. So, two looks with one pattern. lol You are right, cut it out, sew it up, and within a few minutes a lovely skirt.

I hope I don’t make you feel shorter, but the skirt came to just below the knee on me and not mid calf. I’m 5’6″. I did take it up an inch to a better length for me.

In an older issue, I’m sure you saw the same style pattern in a woven instead of a knit.

I saw your version on Flickr. Cute! This is a fabulous pattern. So basic, but such a great look.

I have, indeed, made the woven version from the older issue. I liked the idea of the elastic waist, tho i’m not sure why because this one is super comfortable. I bet if I cut the top of the gores just smidge wider, I could make this one with an elastic waist for wovens. I didn’t want to add another gore because that would have made the hem circumference much wider. Hmmm… perhaps I need to look at my collection of wovens again…

Wow, I love this. Now I’m encouraged to use this pattern.

It’s just soooo beautiful! Amazing skirt, awesome fabric! Does sound like you gave yourself a bit of a hard time, though… πŸ˜‰

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