Baby, You Can Drive my Car

Posted on: 22 July, 09

About three months ago, J got his learner’s permit.  Thus far, most of his driving has been with Hubski on the weekends.  We all agreed, until he gets a little more experience, he does not need the distraction of C in the car, not that would intentionally distract him.  We are also careful about where he drives, weather conditions, and time of day.  It seemed, for a while, whenever we were going somewhere that J could drive, it was storming or after dark.  It has been a while since I have driven with him.  Last week, he drove me to the library… and I wasn’t totally nauseous with anxiety. 

J is doing quite well with driving, but he is a new driver.  More importantly, I am new to having my baby behind the wheel.  It is definitely a weird concept… my baby, driving, like a grown up.  He is careful, takes instruction well, and is calm behind the wheel. 

Today, he drove us to taekwondo.  It suddenly occurred to me that we were having a conversation instead of me giving him instructions, my foot wasn’t going through the floorboard, and I was rather relaxed.  Is his driving getter better or I am simply get used to the idea?  Part of our conversation was about how the cost of our auto insurance would sky rocket when he got his full license.  J said, “If it is that expensive, I can wait to get my license.  There is no rush.”  I have good sons. 

4 Responses to "Baby, You Can Drive my Car"

You do have good sons!

Yeah. Some teens would quickly floor the car when they are driving.

Okay, so there is hope. My son got his permit in April. His driving experience has been only with me. I am working on not being so nervous. I try to eat light. LOL. Really, he does well. I guess it is the idea of my baby, yada, yada, yada. So this weekend, we’re going to NYC. We’ll leave MD early (4am) perhaps I’ll let him do the first leg of the drive.

We are going thru the same w/ DS#2. Just got his learner’s permit. We don’t allow them to get a license until they have passed drivers ed and turn 17. DS#1 is about to leave for college and our insurance will go down a bit because of that. But it will go back up in the spring when #2 gets his license. I have a friend who has twin boys. They drew straws to see which one would get their license. They knew parents could not afford to insure both of them. Yes, teen boys can be careful and thoughtful. Gotta love em.

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