Posted on: 24 July, 09

During the countless hours I was on hold with various incompetent “customer service” people, I made use of my time by sketching and planning some sewing projects.  At Mood Fabrics, I picked up a very unusual fabric with no clear of what I would do with it.  I finally decided that it should be a jacket, but there is not enough for a jacket.  Playing around with sketches helped me figure out a solution.  A trip to the fabric store is required before that project can move forward.  While in NYC, I also bought some navy blue eyelet to mimic a fabulous Isaac Mizrahi dress.  It was a sort of wrap style with a full skirt.  The more I thought about, the more I realized that the full skirt might be a little overwhelming on my small frame.  Again, sketching led me to a solution.  It will be another Ottobre hack and another project that requires a trip to the fabric store for lining.  Of course, I need something to work on in the meantime.  Aha!  Another Ottobre hack for another fabric from my NYC trip.  That one has already been cut out.  The phone calls were no less annoying, but sketching and planning sewing projects kept my stress level from skyrocketing. 


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Please, could we have a round of applause for all the incompetents in the world? I once spent 8 hours–yes 8–talking to a “tech” at Dell, only for him to tell me my computer wasn’t working properly. I was inflamed!

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