Posted on: 25 July, 09

It seemed Ottobre was everywhere I looked at the mall today.  That $150 skirt… so easy to make with Ottobre.  Shop keepers were not thrilled with me snapping photos, but I managed to sneak in a few.

This Ann Taylor skirt reminded me of the little girl’s skirt with the ruffles on the back, 01/07 #15.  This is a much more grown up version.  The “ruffles” are not gathered at all, just flat across the front, but the skirt still had movement.  The fabric was a very thin, microfiber.  I think the sweater they paired with it was too long and baggy.  02/07 #12 would be a great base on which to put the “ruffles.”

When I saw this shirt, I immediately thought of the Vine top, #3, in the 02/09 women’s issue.  The Ann Taylor version is $40 and the fabric is unimpressive.  Hmm, suddenly that Ottobre subscription seems like a bargain. 

I could not get a photo of this sweater because it was black, the lighting was bad, and the sales clerk’s attitude was even worse.  As soon as I left the store, I quickly made a sketch.  Please forgive my less than stellar sketching skills.  It was a simple, fine knit cardigan.  The ruffles were not gathered, but still had a little fullness.  It looked like the top, attached edge of the ruffle was sewn with a one-to-one ratio, but the bottom, loose edge was almost “lettuced.”  The strips used for the ruffles were obviously custom knitted with that effect.  I bet the same effect could be achieved with either slight lettucing of the loose edge or easing the top edge a smidge.  It was not boxy on the sides, but more fitted.  I would start with one of the tee patterns and split it down the middle to add the button placket.  The cardigan was very, very chic. 

At another store, there was a gorgeous, bright yellow short trench paired with a pair of navy trousers.  Stunning, yet simple.  Overall, I saw quite a bit of navy.  I did not buy anything, but I did come home with lots of ideas.  I also came home and hugged my sewing machines.  Goodness gracious, how do people afford to buy clothes at the mall.  Yikes! 

After the jaunt to the mall, with renewed enthusiasm, I finished up a minor hack of an Ottobre pattern.  No photos yet because it needs a good pressing first, but it will be worth the wait. 

5 Responses to "Snoopy"

Mean sales clerk! Look on the AT website for the sweater, I found it. I’m not sure if my link will work, but I’ll try ~

Good find, Melissa… except the sweater I saw was not at Ann Taylor. However, I do find it interesting that it is almost identical to the one I saw at another store. The use of chiffon is an intriguing idea…. The one I saw was definitely all fine gauge knit fabric and it had more shape on the side seams.

I wonder who else is making this cardigan…. I wonder who else *will* make this cardigan… 🙂

Terri, the way to make those ruffles is with a circle. If you cut a big circle with an opening (donut) so that the good part of the donut is the width of your ruffle and sew it on with the smaller inner diameter at the top and big diameter at the bottom you will have your ruffles. Piece of cake…errr…cake donut!

I love getting ideas from the retail stores. 🙂 Eager to see what you make! You always do such a nice job.

you could’ve given then some attitude back, claiming to be taking pics to send to your niece/daughter/best friend etc to tell them where to buy it!

i agree, how rude of the sales clerk! you just wanted to be inspired!

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