Posted on: 26 July, 09

I did not get a photo of my new top.  Sorry!  It was a busy day of running around town doing housewifey stuff.  Sewing managed to sneak into the day, sort of.  Staples lured me in with a pink, flowered task chair.  The price of $10 sealed the deal.  My old task chair has a leak in the pneumatic seal.  Often, when I sit down on the chair, it sinks, rapidly.  The Staples deal was the little nudge I needed to finally replace my chair.  Hubski tried to talk me into buying a fancy (expensive) chair.  I explained, when I am sewing, I rarely sit for very long.  Sew a few seams, get up to press.  Sew a few seams, get up to do some fitting or pin pieces together.  My sewing is not sedentary.  The pretty, pink, flowery $10 chair is perfect. 

While at Staples, I noticed a very elderly couple huddled over a school supply list, asking the store clerk where to find various items.  I figured they were shopping for a grandchild.  Knowing that those generic, mass produced lists usually ask for things the students never use, I nosed my way into the conversation.  As it turns out, their church is doing a school supply drive.  As luck would have it, this couple wanted to buy things for middle school students in our district.  Aha!  I definitely know what middle school students need!  I explained that many things on that list were either provided in the classroom or never used, like a protractor and compass.  I suggested they get more paper, pencils, and binders, and fewer markers, ball point pens, and colored pencils.  Because our students come from such diverse home settings, teachers keep a class set of things like markers and compasses instead of trying to get students to bring them in.  I thanked the couple for trying to help our students and gave them my $5 off coupon. 

As a mom, I always hit the sales this time of year.  If Staples has pencils on sale for 5 cents a pack, limit 3, I buy three packs and give them to students who need them.  I buy paper, markers, pencil sharpeners, whatever they are offering at a loss to get me into the store.  Those supplies are passed along to students, either by giving to a classroom teacher or stocking my substitute bag.  I learned to keep a stash of pencils and paper in my bag because I don’t want students to have any excuse for not doing their work. 

All of the office supply and discount stores are running these sales right now.  Pick up those little deeply discounted items and present a teacher with a great gift at the beginning of the year. 


4 Responses to "Stapled"

Teri, I love the way you think.

This is such a nice idea – to present teachers with such a gift. I love Staples. Don’t teachers get a discount if they shop there? I would ask. Thanks for mentioning this.

Teachers here in Delaware can buy 25 of each item on sale. I always stock up for the year when they have the 1 cent and 25 cents deals.
They have a Teacher reward card and you get a check (quarterly, I think) depending on how much you have purchased. I think it’s 5% of what you spend-I’m sure it’s on the website.

awesome deal for delaware teachers!! sadly, not the case here.

thanks for sharing!

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