Please Be Seated

Posted on: 27 July, 09

Why did I wait so long?  I knew it would be easy.  I knew I would like it.  Why wait?  Because I am a big ol’ procrastinator.  Here is the before:














Forgive the blurry photo.  I almost forgot to take a before photo.  The seats were a generic medium blue.  Over the years, stains and spots appeared because, sometimes, pigs eat dinner with me instead of my adorable boys.  Here is the after:















The new chairs now look like they belong in the kitchen.  I added a little extra padding so they are now more comfy, too.  The fly in the ointment of this little project was the manual staple gun.  I miss have an air stapler.  It took about 27 times longer and my hand is crippled.  Now I need to clean up the kitchen because I want people to come over and admire my chairs.  There is enough fabric left over to cover two more chairs.  I considered making a couple pillows for the family room.  The house is an open floor plan so the family room flows right into the kitchen and breakfast area.  Matching pillows in the family room would sort of tie the two rooms together.  However, I think I am going to hang onto the leftovers in case a chair meets with an unfortunate demise, like a glass of red wine. 

It is amazing how a little change can make such a difference in a room. 

6 Responses to "Please Be Seated"

Wow! They look fabulous. Much, much better – makes me wish I had upholstered chairs. g

I LOVE the chair and also the color of your walls. I’ve been thinking of changing the color of my walls to something similar to this. Only thing is, they are the only walls in my house other than bedrooms that have been painted since we moved in. LOL.

Ooh Sandra, definitely go for the red! I love it every time I walk into the kitchen. I will say it was a royal pain to paint. Lots and lots of coats. Definitely use a pink primer. The glossy finish was difficult to get smooth, but worth it for me. Now that the chairs are done, I love the breakfast nook even more.

“Now I need to clean up the kitchen because I want people to come over and admire my chairs.”

This completely and utterly cracked me up.

Beautiful work, by the way. Someday I’ll cover mine!

I love the fabric! Great job! Now eyeing up my own stained, worn-at-the-edges kitchen chairs …

beautiful! sounds like that’s another “give a mouse a cookie” story. 🙂

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