Dragon Slayer

Posted on: 28 July, 09

Do you know that story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”?  Well, the idea is if you give him a cookie, then he will want a glass of milk, then he will want a napkin…  It goes on and on, with one thing leading to another.  Well, that was my day. 

I accidentally dropped something behind the low bookcase next to C’s bed.  To retrieve it, I pulled the shelf away from the wall and was immediately attacked by several large dust dragons.  There was no way I could just push the shelf back.  I pulled the shelf all the way out to get all the dust dragons, any dust dragon babies, and the eggs.  In moving the shelf, some things fell over.  So I pulled everything off the shelves and gave those a good cleaning too. 

Sitting on the floor to do this, I heard grumblings under the bed.  Yep.  More dust dragons.  C has two twin beds in his room.  I pulled both of them away from the wall for a good cleaning.  Baseboards were wiped down.  Corners were swept.  I love our hardwood floors, but the dust dragons are appalling.  I keep reminding myself that we do not have *more* dust because we have wood floors.  We only see it more easily.  If we had carpet, all that dust would be embedded in the carpet, silently feeding our allergies.  I would rather have the dust out in the open where I can see and deal with it.

After I got C’s room sparkling, I looked across the hall at J’s room.  Certainly I could not be any cleaner than C’s was.  I started moving furniture and slaying more dragons. 

At the end of the day, two rooms were completely free of dust dragons.  My sewing plans for the day had to be rescheduled for tomorrow, but there is always tomorrow… unless someone gives me another cookie…


3 Responses to "Dragon Slayer"

I’m with you about the wood floors. I have wood floors in my entire house. Not a speck of carpet.

Funny, I call them dust bunnies cuz I can’t usually catch them. They bounce around like bunnies. LOL.

ROFLOL!! I totally understand. It feels so good to have it done though, right? Now if only the boys would clean under their own beds…. 😉

I agree with you. I love hardwood floors but not the dust bunnies (dragons). They usually appear overnight.

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