My Computer Ate my Homework

Posted on: 29 July, 09

Well, I had started this really cute little post about my cute little top.  The phone rang.  I had to step away from the computer to deal with the phone call.  On the way back, the doorbell rang.  Had to chat with a friend for a while.  Ooops, suddenly it was time to shower and get dressed for dinner with Hubski for our anniversary.  Dinner was lovely.  When we got home, another friend showed up.  By the time I wandered back to the computer, I noticed that it had automatically installed updates.  Normally, not a problem because I always save my work, especially before I walk away from my computer.  Except this time.  Grrrr. 

It’s late.  I am tired.  This is what you get… lots of lame excuses.  At this point, you are probably thinking, “Gee, this top had better be something spectacular.  She’s teased with promises of photos for ages.”  I’ll be honest.  It is cute, but I am not sure it will live up to the hype.  This is kind of like the commercials for ER in its last few seasons.  “The most incredible episode of ER ever!!!!!!!!  You won’t believe what happens next!!”  Had they not hyped the episode to be the greatest thing since the invention of the sewing machine, I might have enjoyed them more.  But every week, like a moron, I would be expecting something AMAZING! and UNBELIEVEABLE!  What I got was warm milk… comforting, familiar, and sleep inducing.


P.S.  Save your work.


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