Ottobre is all I Need

Posted on: 30 July, 09


The style of the red top has appealed to me for quite some time.  The gathers concerned me, that whole “maternity vibe.”  I was about to go out and buy the pattern with the intention of hacking away to gathers.  While looking through my file of Ottobre patterns to find something else, Design #7 from the 05/08 issue of Ottobre Woman caught my eye.  It is a fitted dress, but the neckline is the same.  I LOVE Ottobre.  Not running to the fabric store to buy another pattern meant saving gas and saving money (because if you go to the fabric store, it is very likely that fabric will follow you home).  More importantly, having the pattern on hand meant I could start this project at 3:30 a.m. when I could not sleep. 

The biggest challenge of this project was the fabric.  It is a silk charmeuse I bought in Manhattan earlier in the year.  Pretty to look at… as it slides all over the place.  To get the looser fit, the front and back waist darts were eliminated.  With the darts eliminated, a center back zipper was no longer required.  The top is easy to slip over my head without a back opening.  However, I made a 3” slit opening in the center back seam and sewed the yoke as directed with a button closure.  It gives the back a little visual interest.  It would be possible to make it with no back opening.  Just remember to cut the back yoke with the center back on the fold.  The yoke falls in the perfect place to prevent straps from peeking out.  My fabric was a woven, but a knit would work as well. 


Eliminating the darts gives the top that tunic look without the extra volume of gathers.  It falls easily over my hips without being too tight or too loose.  I had to make my usual Ottobre bust adjustments.  That is the beauty of Ottobre patterns; you can use the same adjustments from pattern to pattern.

This is another top that dresses up or down.  Most of my life is very casual, but I like having pieces that I can quickly pull together into a dressier look. 


6 Responses to "Ottobre is all I Need"


Cute top. . .gorgeous fabric!!!!

Great adaptation! Lovely fabric, congratulations on managing it so well 🙂

Just LOVE this!

I’m going to make myself one soon!

YAY Ottobre!

Teri, you are so skilled – it’s beautiful!

So sexy. Love it.

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