Cookies, Again.

Posted on: 31 July, 09

I planned to sew today, but I got swept up in a cleaning frenzy.  (Get it, “swept up” and “cleaning.”  Such a pun-ny girl.)  It was definitely another “If you give a mouse a cookie” moment.  The thrift shop was coming this morning to pick up the boys’ old bikes, a chair, and a few other odds and ends.  They won’t come to pick up only clothes, but they will take clothes if they are picking up other things.  I decided to make the most of their trip.  I decided to make the most of my insomnia too by cleaning out the closest in the study before dawn.  It was about the only closet I could clean at that hour without waking somebody up.  I had a lovely pile when the thrift shop guys arrived at 9 a.m. 

In cleaning out the closet, I found some pictures that needed to be hung.  To hang them, I needed nails and picture frame hangers, which were in another closet.  While searching for the nails and hangers, I started straightening and purging that closet. 

I will skip to the end of the story.  By the end of the day, each and every closet in our house was straightened and purged to some extent.  (Some needed much more attention than others.)  It is a very good thing that our neighbor is out of town because I need to borrow their trash and recycling bins this week.  So. Much. Junk. 

When I ran out of closets, I finished cutting out my jacket from the Mood fabric.  If the fabric were an inch shorter, there would not have been enough.  Oh, the sewing room even got a tidy up.  This is not normal behavior.  If it was, my house would be a lot cleaner. 


1 Response to "Cookies, Again."

oh to have clean closets! Mine are a mess. By the time I finish keeping the house organized to my liking, I don’t have time for closets.

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