Sewing on a Saturday

Posted on: 1 August, 09

The day started off with an American Sewing Guild Sew In to make pillow cases for the Ronald McDonald House.  I had not planned to go, but fate intervened. 

Our high school requires students to do community service hours in order to graduate.  Last year, C came up with idea of sewing pillow cases for the Ronald McDonald House.  It would combine his interest in sewing and help sick children feel more comfortable.  While, thankfully, he has never been through any as drastic as cancer treatments, he has been through his share of icky medical procedures.  He likes the idea of trying to make being in the hospital a little less scary for children.

C had it all planned.  He wrote to various online fabric stores requesting donations of fabric.  One online fabric store sent him a $25 gift card.  Well, by the time you pay shipping, $25 doesn’t get you very much.  There is only one locally owned fabric store that carries quilting cottons.  The owner was less than warm.  She told him the store was having a 20% off sale, but did not offer to donate even a yard of fabric.  I understand the economy is struggling, but not even a single yard?  As you can imagine, he was quite disappointed.  He planned to spend his summer happily making pillowcases.  He had lots of ideas of how to embellish them.

Frustrated that the summer is almost over and his project has not moved forward, we were both excited to hear about the Sew In.  It is not exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday, but he was happy to finally do something towards his goal.  Though he is a little disappointed that he has not met his hourly requirement, he is even more disappointed that he will not be able to present a stack of pillowcases he made to the Ronald McDonald House. 

Once we got home, I spent the evening working on my Mood jacket.  I am so totally pleased with how it is progressing.  Although it is taking quite a bit longer, underlining it was definitely the right plan. 


5 Responses to "Sewing on a Saturday"

Hmmm… I know it’s late in the Summer now… but I have a bunch of cotton prints I’d be glad to send to him. It’s not enough to make a whole stack of pillowcases but maybe some…?

Our ASG chapter made over 250 pillowcases- I think RM House was quite overwhelmed with the response! So if C can make a few for the local house, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Maybe you can ask on the Ottobre or Sew4Fun list for donations- I might send a yard or two…

Intrigued to hear more about the Mood jacket 🙂

Hey Teri,

I am trying to thin my stash and would be happy to share some for a good cause. LMK if you are interested, I will be working closer to your neck of the woods next week and would be happy to arrange a drop off somewhere or pop something in the mail if easier.

Jenn Hague

I also would be willing to donate some fabric. Does your son still need it?

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