Over 21

Posted on: 2 August, 09

My neighbor’s daughter (MND) loves shopping at Forever 21.  The styles are very current and a bit funky.  The price point is perfect for someone who works part time at a movie theater.  The selection is endless and changes frequently.  She has found some adorable outfits there.  However, MND was distraught when she saw a woman of “at least 50” wearing a dress that MND saw in Forever 21.  She explained that a woman of that age should not be shopping in the same stores as MND.  She is not at all “ageist,” but simply thought it made the woman look like she was trying to pretend she was still a teenager.  It made her look foolish. 

The conversation then shifted to my struggle to dress age appropriately when I were the same size as a 6th grader.  Also, 45 is tricky age.  It is time to let go of the youthful 30-something look, but I am so not ready for the granny look.  I explained how I constantly struggle to dress in a modern way that is keeping with my age, but not too stodgy.  My size leaves me perilously perched on the edge of looking like a little girl… with grey hairs popping up and crow’s feet.  Not a good combo.  MND said, “No.  You definitely have a great style that matches your personality and is right for your age.”  She likes that I keep up with the trends without being trendy, that I am realistic about my size and shape.

Logically, the opinion of teenager should not matter, but it does.  I don’t want to look like a fool who is desperately clinging to her long lost youth.  I am not sure my friends would have the courage to tell me my style stinks, especially when they know I sew my own clothes.  “Not only do you dress badly, but you designed it that way.  Ewww.”  But a teenager is brutally honest. 

We decided if you are over 21, you need to stop shopping at Forever 21. 


7 Responses to "Over 21"

Hey, wait a minute. I found a very cute dress at 21 a few months ago, for $15, and I wear it. Heck, I was frankly amazed they carried clothes in “grownup” sizes, unlike similar stores (like H&M). I think it’s okay to wear the clothes if you’re over 21, as long as someone in their 20s okays the choice 🙂

Ps… not that I’m saying you are nerdy… but a lover of technology and Hello Kitty!

Dressing age appropriate is an ongoing problem. At 61, I still love pretty clothes, but of course, I cannot wear short skirts,lowcut tops, anything tight or too trendy. What works for me is to study the dress of persons my age that I admire and use them as an example.

I have solved the “mutton dressed as lamb” problem by being too fat to shop junior sized stores!

I like that saying!
Well, I think the clothes you sew are rather becoming both for your age and your figure. I would tell you the truth as I expect you would do for me.
It shocks me to no end when women dress the same as their daughters. I find it tasteless, and what is even worse is when they are as skinny as their daughters. No jealousy here. The moment I gained weight after my son was born, I got a ton of compliments from both sexes. Women should not be afraid to confront their age, and feel confident with their achievements in life, instead of worrying about their looking older. Only when you cannot think of anything positive should you worry, which I know is definitely not the case with you. My grandmother told me that God gives us wrinkles, so we realize that it is not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside that matters.
Ok, now that I have said way too much……

I would like to think I’m forever 21 (smile) but after looking at the styles on the website, I would dare to say that even the young girls I’ve seen lately would not look attractive in anything from 21. You have to be super thin and even then the dresses are super short! yikes!!

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