Wii Love It

Posted on: 4 August, 09


Wii Sports Resort was a gift for C’s birthday.  It quickly became obvious that it is really a gift for the whole family.  I am not a gamer, but this one is fun.  The Swordplay is awesome.  Hubski and the boys were a little alarmed at my vigorous attack of my opponent.  Wailing on him with my “sword” was awesome.  Hmmm, might have to look for a fencing class in town. 

Thus far, I have mostly observed.  We only have one WiiMotion controller.  Silly me should have thought to order at least one extra when I ordered the game.  I do like the more active nature of some Wii games.  I definitely like that there are fun games that are not centered around blowing things up or killing something.  However, I do not like all of the “accessories” that one must buy to play some of the games.  Of course, you can’t have just one controller or accessory.  Playing against someone is a big part of the fun.  The game was $45, including one controller.  Extra WiiMotion controllers are $20 each.  It quickly adds up. 

The good news is this game will get used often.  It is not a passive game.  The boys will not be glued to the sofa while playing.  I suspect when we get the second controller and they can play against each other, they will work up quite a sweat.  I might even join in from time to time. 


2 Responses to "Wii Love It"

I LOVE Wii !! Our family and friends have Wii parties! We get together at one of our homes, have some delicious snacks and drinks and Wii bowl late into the night.

I also have Wii Fit. It does give quite a workout when done repeatedly over a half hour or so.

I have no doubt that you will often join in. Sounds like alot of fun. I cannot wait to buy Nicolas one.

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