Road Trip

Posted on: 5 August, 09

There was no sewing today because my neighbor and I decided to take a road trip to Ikea.  We left before any of our teenagers were awake.  I really wanted fabric to recover some ottomans for the family.  Alas, nothing would quite work.  However, we did not leave empty handed.image 

I found this great lamp for the area near the boys’ computer desk.  I bought the nickel finished one and she bought a red one.  We only had those giant yellow bags because we did not plan to buy too much. (Silly, I know.)  We asked Roger, the nice guy in the lighting department, what was the easiest route to get a cart.  Roger, being the nice guy that he is, went to get a cart for us.  You don’t get that kind of service too many places. 

The kitchen gadget section was our most successful area.  I picked up some new glassware and some fabulous little bowls.  She bought things for actual cooking since she actually cooks. 

This nifty little set of drawers is now sitting at the back of the desk area in the kitchen.  It is the new home for the eleventy million different chargers we have for cell phones, mp3 players, hand held gaming devices, etc.  I tried a basket but the cords would get tangled.  The boys have their own drawers for their chargers.  If they can deal with tangled cords, I really don’t care if they just shove them in the drawer.  I don’t have to see them or deal with them.  The cords on my chargers get wound up and tied neatly before they go in *my* drawer.  One drawer is still empty.  Room to grow.  At some point, I might paint it. 

Of course, we had Swedish meatballs for lunch.  It was a fun day, but we can have fun at Sam’s Club.  One day, I might share that story.  My friend and I may never be able to look at guacamole without laughing. 


1 Response to "Road Trip"

I love shopping trips like that! I am fortunate that I live 15 minutes from the Ikea in Sydney, so it is an easy trip over there during the week to avoid weekend crowds.

But your mention of Sam’s make me miss warehouse shopping in the US. Every time I am over visiting my mom, we have some hilarious adventure in Sam’s or Costco.

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