Moving Out

Posted on: 6 August, 09

No, we did not buy a new house.  We love our house.  We love our neighborhood.  We love our schools.  The town is a little on the “meh” side, but you can’t have everything.  Oh… the moving thing…

After much (ok, some) soul searching, I have decided to move blog over to Blogger.  Google now runs about 99% of my life… Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Voice, Google Maps, etc, etc.  It seems only appropriate that my blog join the party over there.  Blogger can do some things that I don’t feel like trying to figure out on WordPress.  Yes, I am lazy and don’t want to write my own code.  Blogger also plays much more nicely with my Blackberry than WordPress does.  I waited and tried out the new WordPress apps for Blackberry.  Not entirely impressed and not willing to wait the updates and upgrades.  Not only am I lazy, I am also impatient. 

Until I can figure out how to import my 700+ posts to Blogger, the blog will serve as my “archives.”  (Because we all know that future generations will want to read all about my sewing projects and my fascinating life.)  I will try to remember to post a link here to new posts on Blogger for a while, sort of like leaving a forwarding address. 

Who knows… after a few weeks, I may decide I hate Blogger and come back.  In addition to lazy and impatient, I can also be terribly fickle.   If something is not working for me, I have no problem cutting bait and taking myself down to the next fishing hole.  (When did I get so folksy?  hmmm)  Let’s blame it on a very long day and very little sleep. 


2 Responses to "Moving Out"

Traitor! Just kidding… I totally understand moving blogs. Uh, I just did it, but I customized it by writing and copying code etc. See, I love to do that stuff…. i will always follow, blogger, wp, typepad, whatever. Love your posts.

What is the new addy? It wasn’t in your post – maybe I’m getting ahead of the game – sorry.

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