The Magic of Hello Kitty

Posted on: 18 June, 10


I was having a tough day yesterday.  Frustration and pain were on the high side.  I was feeling quite sorry for myself as I sat in bed, sequestered in my room.  There was a knock at the front, then I hear people coming upstairs, lots of people.  I look around my very messy bedroom in a panic.  “Who is Hubski allowing upstairs when I am such a mess?!?!? Ack!” 

4712404611_84a6201114_m[1]When I saw this cake, all of my troubles melted away.  My neighbor’s daughter and her boyfriend are filling their summer with cooking and baking.  They have made some delightfully tasty things!  While at Party City to buy things for a party, they spotted this Hello Kitty cake pan and a plan was made.  In addition to being adorable, the cake was delicious.  They made a spice carrot cake, so it is even somewhat healthy.  This was their first attempt at cake decorating.  If the college thing doesn’t pan out, catering could be an option for these two.

All traces of a bad mood were instantly erased.  Who needs Vicodan when Hello Kitty is in the house? Hmmm, I think it is time for another slice of Kitty Kake. 


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