Passing the Torch

Posted on: 26 June, 10

Even though school ended a few weeks ago, C is back at school.  This time he is on the opposite side of the desk.  C’s ceramics teacher and a friend of hers wanted to do a mini summer camp for young girls and their American Girl dolls as a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  The girls would make a bed, complete with covered mattress, blanket, and pillow, and pajamas for their dolls.  The ceramics teacher immediately thought of C for this project because he is so strong in art and sewing. 

There were eight little girls in the group, ages 8 to 10.  Like most little girls that age, they were bubbly, excited, and energetic.  I went for a bit of the last session to share some of my doll outfits and to see what they were doing. There was lots of ooohing and aaahing over my doll dresses.  I told the girls that if they kept sewing, one day they could make dresses just like mine.  Their doll beds and pajamas were adorable.  More importantly, the girls were thrilled with their creations. 

At first, a few eyebrows were raised to have a boy at a camp for little girls and dolls.  C’s gentle nature quickly won them over.  When they saw him using the sewing machine, they became fans for life.  As the mom, it warmed my heart to see my son giving up a bit of his summer to help others. 

After the little girls left, we all talked a bit what worked and what didn’t work.  Overall, it was a great experience for the girls, but we all had ideas about how to make it better.  C and I had a million ideas of other projects the girls could do, all doll related.  C had some great thoughts on how to make the teaching process work better for them.  There are definitely plans to do this again. 

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society will be receiving a handsome check from this project.  There are now eight little girls begging their parents for a sewing machine and sewing lessons. 


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