Fantasy Sewing

Posted on: 29 June, 10

Back when we thought I was going to have the BIG surgery, we knew there was no way we could attend a family event in August because it would require folding me up origami style to sit on airplane for hours.  We did not even consider attending.  Now, there is an ever so slight possibility that we might make it. Given the slooooooow healing process, it is rather difficult to imagine being able to sit with my knee bent for more than 30 seconds.  However, the event is still weeks away and one would assume my situation will vastly improve at any minute. 

Naturally, my thoughts turned to “What shall we wear?”  We would all need two or three nice outfits, with one being really nice.  I could probably pull several things from my wardrobe that would work, but what fun would that be?!?!  New dresses would be lots more fun.  The boys do not have three shirts with buttons, much less three nice shirts.  Oooooh… I could make shirts for them!  Sure, three dresses and six shirts.  Well, then I wouldn’t want Hubski to feel left out.  I have an interesting piece of fabric that I want to use for a shirt for him.  Ok, so now we are up to three dresses and SEVEN shirts… and it is practically July already… and I can’t stand up long enough to cut out a doll dress, much less a dress for me… and let’s not even think about sitting at a sewing machine or getting up and down to iron seams. 

Considering I had to take a nap after getting dressed and going to physical therapy today, it is probably nuts to think about flying across the country in just a few weeks.  It is definitely nuts to think about sewing a wardrobe for the trip, but it was a fun little fantasy for a while. 


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