Posted on: 30 June, 10

Since I can’t run around and do a million things like I usually do, I have been cleaning up things on my desk and on my computer.  I found some photos that I forgot to post.  These are the fabrics that Hubski brought back from unexpected prolonged stay in Denmark. They are wonderfully soft knits that he probably paid way too much for, but he had time on his hands.  I would rather he spend that time looking for fabrics than sitting in the hotel bar paying way too much for drinks. 



I hope to make this one into a dress.  It would be pretty with some contrasting areas of solid red or black.  No particular pattern comes immediately to mind.  It is more a wintry fabric.  It needs to sit in my stash for a bit longer, grow up and decide what it wants to be.




This one is a jersey knit, but very, very soft for a jersey.  Of course, I have no idea what the actual fabric content is on any of these.  My initial reaction to this one was not positive, but it is growing on me.  The right pattern will be critical with this one. 




I wish you could feel this one.  Oh so buttery soft.  Hubski said it has some wool in it according the label on the end of the bolt.  I have no idea how he knows this since he does not speak Danish, but it does feel like there is some wool.  I wish he had bought a bit more of this because it would be a scrumptious dress for winter.  The true color is closer to what you see in the corners.  The flash washed it out.  (Yes, I am terrible with a camera.)  This is my favorite piece. 

It is a good thing my surgery has kept him on a short leash.  There have been requests for him to go to far corners of the globe.  If he didn’t have to be home every night to cook dinner and take care of me, he would not be home this summer. 


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