Because You Asked

Posted on: 4 July, 10

Due to my “No Whining Allowed” policy, I have not updated the progress of my knee.  Since I am not allowed to whine and there have been no updates, that should tell you something.  However, some of you have asked for an update, so here goes.

It has been about three weeks since the surgery, with very little progress.  I don’t use the crutches at home,  not that it doesn’t hurt to walk on it, but there is always a counter or sofa to grab onto.  A couple days ago, I was feeling rather spunky when I went to physical therapy.  I decided I didn’t my crutches because parking is usually not bad.  I was very excited to get a close parking space.  What I did not account for was the construction inside the building.  The elevator closest to the outside entrance has been sealed off until the remodeling is complete.  That meant I had to meander a zillion miles to get to the new elevators.  I was not entirely sure I would make it to the PT clinic.  By the time the PT guy finished with me, I could not bear the thought of making the long trek back to the new elevators to get to my car.  The PT guy gave me a loaner set of crutches.  Now I have figure out how to get the loaner crutches back to the PT clinic at my next appointment while using my real crutches… and hobble a million miles to the new elevator.  I may need to bribe a boy to come with me. 

There is still lots of swelling and very limited range of motion.  At random and unpredictable times, shooting pain goes through the joint.  Lots of people in white coats are scratching their heads and trying to come up with a solution.  Frustration levels are still high all around.  Between doing my physical therapy exercises and icing/elevating my knee, there is not time for much else during the day. 

Uh oh… I feel whining bubbling up to the surface… 

We had an impromptu party at our house today.  The neighbors from across the street and the new neighbors came over for a potluck.  I pretended that my house was clean enough for guests and the guests were kind enough to play along with my little fantasy.  The food was good.  Perched on a kitchen stool, I directed my menfolk on food preparation.  The new neighbors have the most adorable one year old daughter.  I can’t wait to get into my sewing room again and sew for her.


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