Sock Sickness

Posted on: 5 July, 10


Yes, I have officially slipped into madness.  Not only am I knitting socks, I am knitting socks for dolls.  These are ridiculously easy to do.  I had yarn left over from my Skew Socks, so something had to be done. 

What do knitters do with the bits of left over yarn from projects?  I cannot bear to throw it away.  How do you know how much you have left and if it is enough for a given project?  There is so much to learn about this knitting stuff.

Oh, back to the socks…  I used this pattern as a starting point, but then I sort of made it up as I went along.   The little girls at the doll mini-camp when nuts over them.  When I make up my doll packages to donate to the toy drive, socks will definitely be included.  There is still a bit of this yarn left over.  I might try a matching sweater.  Yes, I have totally slipped into madness. 


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