Nook Update

Posted on: 6 July, 10

Dewey, my Nook ereader, is a month old. I still love it. Being able to “check out” books from the public library without leaving my bed has been awesome. My neighbor also has a Nook. We can loan each other books from our Nooks. On Fridays, Barnes and Nobles offers a book for free on the Nook, but you have to remember to download it on Friday. I set up an “appointment” on my Google calendar to check for the free book every Friday.

More than one person can read the same book on the Nook. It will save different bookmarks for different people. I have downloaded some books for the boys and Hubski. We compete for Dewey time. The boys even found a couple titles in e-books that they could not find as regular books. Before purchasing a book, I can read a sample to see if I will really like it. Dewey gives me the convenience of online shopping with the ability to really sample a book before buying.

Overall, I am quite please with Dewey. It is nice to not have the Leaning Tower of Books next to my bed. Instead, it is just little Dewey in a pretty cover.

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