Connecticut, Here I Come

Posted on: 7 July, 10

The fabulous Dr S is referring me to his mentor.  In a few weeks, I will travel to Connecticut to see the allegedly even more fabulous Dr Fulkerson.  He is the one who trained Dr S and developed the procedure that was planned for my last surgery.  If you develop procedures that are named after you and become the gold standard of treatment, you must rather talented.  I am not getting my hopes up that Dr Fulkerson will have a magic wand.  I strongly suspect he will confirm what Dr S has already said.  However, the trip will be worth it for peace of mind, to know that I have explored all my options.  As Dr S said, “Another pair of eyes might see things differently.” 

So, is there anything fun to do in the Hartford area?  Fabric stores?  Yarn stores?  It was slim pickings for flights to Hartford so I will have some time to kill.  Thanks to Hubski’s travel, he has “Platinum Status” with several hotel chains.  He made arrangements for me to stay in a very lovely, very upgraded room.  When you check in as a Platinum Status guest, they fall all over themselves trying make your stay as perfect as possible.  I shall take full advantage of the pampering. 


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