Baby Steps

Posted on: 10 July, 10

It has been a month since my surgery and I have not sewn anything.  Yes, I am going through serious symptoms of withdrawal.  Knitting has been great, but I want to hear the purr of my machines.  Today, I made baby steps towards sewing again.  I spent a little time tidying up my sewing space.  There was a bit of a sewing frenzy right before the surgery.  Things got shoved into stacks and corners. 

The physical therapy exercises are brutal, especially the head PT guy said, “Take no mercy on her!”  He meant that in the nicest way possible.  This recovery has been incredibly difficult and is requiring me to “push through the pain,” lots of pain.  My goal is to be fully recovered from the surgery, back to the point I was prior, before my trip to Connecticut so the Dr F can see what my knee is like without the  additional swelling and weakness.  I hate the physical therapy exercises.  They are difficult and hurt and I have never liked exercise of any sort. 

Each day, I try to come up with a little reward to myself for doing my exercises.  Today, spending some time in the sewing room was the reward.  I did not get it as organized as it should be, but it is good enough to perhaps start a project.  Projects will take a bit longer since I can’t be standing for very long causes my knee to swell up like a watermelon.  That’s okay.  I can handle baby steps. 

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