Analysis Paralysis

Posted on: 14 July, 10

When my boys were little, I hid their toys.  Not all of them.  I took half of their toys, boxed them up, and put them in a closet.  Too many toys overwhelm a child.  They don’t know what to play with because there are too many choices.  When the current selection of toys seemed to be getting stale, I would swap them out with some “new” things from the box.  Since my boys have memories like elephants, it wasn’t long before they were onto my tactic.  However, they never rebelled against the idea.  They liked it so much that they would often help me decide what to pack away.  Too many choices can be too much to process.

The internet can be a little bit like for me.  There are so many amazing projects out there, so many things I want to try.  The choices are overwhelming.  Yesterday, I spent way too much time searching the internet and my Evernote files for the perfect project.  Instead of just looking, I wanted to be doing. 

Finally, I decided to continue working on a dress I started before my surgery.  It is not something I will wear immediately.  My sense of immediate gratification will have to wait.  However, when school starts next month, I will have a brand new dress to wear.  I will also feel good about not having a unfinished project languishing on my sewing table.  I hope, by clearing out this project, I can be more focused on what I want to work on next. 

Today’s progress on the dress was good, perhaps a little too good.  My knee is screaming at me for standing up too long.  Physical therapy tomorrow should be interesting.  While I am grateful for any time in the sewing room, it is frustrating to move so slowly. 


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