Up the Creek with a Paddle

Posted on: 22 July, 10


Oprah has a big campaign against texting while driving.  I wonder how she would feel about texting while kayaking?  On our vacation, we went kayaking in the lagoons surrounding the island.  It was gorgeous.  So peaceful, so serene.  Kayaking is hard work, even when the water is like glass. 


DSC01794 The banks of the lagoons were filled with these beautiful, mossy trees.  I don’t know much about kayaking, but I do know that one generally wants to stay away from overhanging trees.  Snakes sometimes hang out in trees.  If one dropped into the kayaking…  eek!  Because I could not bend my knee enough to get into the front of the kayak, I was in the back, the one who is charge of steering.  Did I mention I have never paddled a boat?  We cruised along, somewhat successfully avoiding the trees.  When we were about three-quarters of the way, when my arms were giving out, Hubski says the words that I did not want to hear: “Oh look!  an alligator…  and there’s another one…”  Paddle, paddle, paddle!!!  No, I did not stop long enough to get a photo of the alligators.

DSC01791 DSC01789


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