It All Happens for a Reason

Posted on: 23 July, 10

I adore my PT guys, but not so much when it comes to the girls who schedule the appointments.  Lately, they have been messing up my appointment schedule and then look at me like I am nuts when I show up on the “wrong” day.  Granted, I have more appointments than the average bear, which increases the odds of an error.

Chris is the drill sergeant, the one who is in charge of “showing no mercy and kicking my butt.”  It is written on my chart.  Literally.  He does it well.  Whining and tears have no affect on him.  He simply smiles and says, “Let’s do twenty more.” 

Kevin is better at evaluating where I am and what I need to do next.  He speaks with my surgeon on a daily basis about all of his patients.  Whining and tears have been known to work with him… a bit. 

Because this drama has been going on for so long and is somewhat complicated, they want me to see only one of them, not any of the other therapists on staff.  To add to the confusion, Chris and Kevin work at different locations. 

Today was my day to see Kevin so he could evaluate my progress and give a report before my appointment with my surgeon on Monday.  I check in at the desk and sit in the waiting room… which is odd because Kevin usually sees me at the check in desk and waves me back even if he isn’t quite done with the previous patient.  A very adorable young guy comes out to say, “Hi, I’m Cal and I will be working with you today.”  What?!?!  My frustration must have been written all my face.  I launch into a rant about how they screwed up my appointments once again… and where’s Kevin… and the whole point of coming to this location today was to see Kevin…  Poor Cal said Kevin was covering the aqua therapy because someone was out sick, but he could certainly yank Kevin out of the pool to see me.  Ok, that wouldn’t exactly be fair to the aqua therapy patient and it was more than a bit diva-ish. 

I apologized profusely to Poor Cal, but proceeded to dump my long sob story on him.  We decided I would go through my exercises with Poor Cal, then he would take me back to the therapy pool to talk to Kevin.  I apologized some more.  I hate being *that* patient who thinks they are the center of the universe. 

This facility is part of a larger sports complex, therefore, the therapist have access to more equipment and the therapy pool.  As Kevin was checking out my knee poolside, we chatted about my trip to the beach and how much I love water and how being in the pool at the hotel felt so wonderful…  It was like in a movie… our eyes met, time slowed down, and simultaneously we both said “aqua therapy!!!!”  Until today, I did not even know it was a therapy pool.  The PT department only began using this facility a couple months ago, so Kevin is not use to having aqua therapy so easily available.  We decided on two days a week with the drill sergeant and ne day a week for aqua therapy.  

In the interest of time, we circumvented the “normal channels” of getting the doctor to write the orders before scheduling appointments.  That did nothing the further endear me to the receptionist.  She now had to rearrange my next fifteen appointments to include aqua therapy without the precious scrap of paper from the doctor.  Kevin said Dr S will love this idea and he will sort out the paperwork before my first visit to the pool.  Dr S can join the chorus of “Why Didn’t We Think of Sooner.”

So, had my appointment had not been screwed up once again, I would have never found out that they have a therapy pool at this location.  I would have not seen Kevin at the pool to have the conversation about the pool.  Kevin and I are hopeful that the aqua therapy will help me get back more range of motion and strength with less impact on the joint. 


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