Posted on: 26 July, 10

My “fast and fun” project took a different turn today.  My neighbor, recipient of the famous Oz pants and Project Runway pants, fell in love with some Pez fabric on the website. I offered to make them for her, but she asked if I could teach her how to make her own.  Convert someone to the wonders of sewing and fabric?  Of course!!!! 

She did a fantastic job.  Of course, we used the Ottobre Woman pattern for pajama pants.  Since I had used this pattern for her the Oz and Project Runway pants, there were no fitting issues to worry about.  We added a cell phone pocket.  The first seam was a little wobbly, but she quickly got the hang of “steering” the sewing machine.  I was impressed at how quickly she was able to anticipate what needed to be done next.  In about three hours, she had a new pair of pajama pants.  A modeled photo has been promised. 

After she got home, I got an instant message from her with a link to more fabric.  She wants a pair of wizard pants to wear to the next Harry Potter movie.  I would love to find some of the “real” Harry Potter fabric that was sold a few years ago.  If not, there is plenty of generic wizard fabric available.  It appears another one has been bitten by the sewing bug.  Yay!



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