Tied Up and Twisted

Posted on: 27 July, 10


Well, this was not the “fast and fun” project I had in mind for today, but it was definitely fast and fun.  It also was not sewn by me.  Lately, other people are using my sewing machines more than I am.  That needs to change very soon!

C used a scrap of fabric from my friend’s pajama pants to make another bow tie.  The fabric has Pez dispensers all over it.  It does not show up that well on a bow tie, but the tie is still fun.  And it was very fast to sew.  C wants to make more fun bow ties with different themes.  This project took about 15 minutes to cut out, sew, and press.  That’s a whole lot of style for just a few minutes of work. 

There was a little “me time” squeezed into today.  I cut out a skirt in an extremely fun fabric.  It is almost done, but I my knee was “done” before the skirt was.  Physical therapy was intense on Monday.  I am very sore today… and I get to go back tomorrow.  woo hoo.  (That’s me pretending to be enthusiastic.)  Getting up and down from the sewing chair was more workout than I could handle today.  The skirt will be uber cute, perfect for lunch with a girlfriend.


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