Straight and Narrow

Posted on: 28 July, 10

4838918767_1208691d4e_m[1]This dress was better in theory.  It is a perfectly fine dress.  It’s just not quite me.   No worries.  It will be worn to school quite a bit.  Perhaps that is what troubles me right now.  I don’t want to think about starting another school year quite yet.  It is summer and this dress is far too serious for summer. 

The pattern is Simplicity 2403, from the Project Runway collection.  I do love that collection of patterns.  The drafting is quite consistent and fits me well with minimal alterations. 

The fabric is a bit silky, but fairly substantial.  Hubski bought it in Germany a few years.  Ironically, there is talk of another trip to Germany in the near future.  Typically, I avoid striped fabric because I am a complete nut job about matching stripes and having things perfectly straight.  I opted to cut the bodice on bias to give more interest.  All those straight up and down stripes would be a bit much.  At first, I carefully matched the striped along the princess seam, but that was overly matched.  “Overly matched”?  Is that a real design term?  Whatever.  It did not look good.  So, I ripped those seams and re-cut the side pieces. 

You cannot see the lovely pockets on the skirt because the stripes are matched that perfectly.  Ha!  Take that, you infernal stripes! 

I thought I would like a shirtdress because they are oh so popular right now.  On me, it is a little too straight-laced and business like.  Yes, even with the bold stripe, it feels too serious for me.  I will wear it, but it won’t be a favorite.  There was a time this was totally my style, but not anymore.  The skirt I am currently working on is a much better choice. 


2 Responses to "Straight and Narrow"

It looks great! I love how you used your fabric! Love the stripes!

Well I like it, but yes stripes are not for everyone. I prefer to stay away from them due to my height and short legs, but I would think your skinny little self would look great in this. I love what you did with the material. Any seamstress would admire this project. Would like an update with you in it. LOL.

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