Hello Silliness

Posted on: 17 August, 10


Just when I need a little silliness, a friend comes through for me.  The photo is terrible.  (Yeah, like that’s a big surprise on this blog.)  In case you can’t tell from the photo, this is a Hello Kitty Silly Band.  Seriously, they sell these.  Hello Kitty was to be left out of the Silly Band craze. 

What is even more exciting about this Silly Band is the fact that it glows in the dark.  Silly me tried to take a photo of that but the flash presented a problem with the whole “glow in the dark” drama.  In my defense, I was in alone in a hotel room in Connecticut after a long day of travel.  Silliness was definitely the rule of the day.  (I will tell you all about Connecticut soon… as soon as I can process the whole expedition.) 

I love having friends who realize I don’t need expensive gifts.  Something ridiculous and frivolous will make me smile for days.  Over the last couple weeks, that silly little bit of rubber has given me something to smile about when there wasn’t much else.  Another friend of mine swiped a mermaid from her daughter’s Silly Band baggie.  She is hiding it from her daughter until she sees me again.  Grown women and Silly Bands.  Isn’t it awesome?

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