Project Project Runway

Posted on: 18 August, 10

Each season, as I watch Project Runway, I always say, “It would be so much fun to play along…”  Someone started a Flickr group, Project Project Runway, to play along with the challenges using dolls.  Yes, dolls.  Dolls plus Project Runway?  How could I not join in?

This weeks challenge was the Party Store Challenge.  We had to make an outfit using things found at a party store.  On the show, the designers got $100 to spend.  I spent considerably less.  I could have spent a great deal, but this is a total frivolity. 

The difficult part was the rule I imposed upon myself.  I did not want to copy any of the ideas from the show. That meant I could not use napkins or that shiny fringe stuff.  Besides, I felt given the scale of dolls, napkins felt too much like yardage.  Unlike Casanova, I not only heard Tim’s caution about yardage like products, I actually listened

DSC01932Naturally, I was drawn to the Hello Kitty aisle.  I bought crepe paper streamers, a flower lei, and a Hello Kitty necklace.






The bodice is made with woven strips of folded crepe paper.  The strips were woven into a chevron pattern.  The Hello Kitty necklace acts as the halter ties.  The skirt is full and fluffy.  I took apart the flower lei and sewed the flowers onto a muslin base.  The waist band was cut so “Happy Birthday” is front and center.  I think this would make the perfect birthday party dress for a young girl. 

This was lots of fun… at a time when I need some fun and frivolity.  However, I am now a little afraid of what the next challenge might be.  Eek!  This brings watching Project Runway to a whole new level. 


4 Responses to "Project Project Runway"

I’m so glad you joined in! Love what you did with the Hello Kitty stuff (I love Hello Kitty myself). Tim would say you embraced the playfulness of the challenge. I’m going to link to your post from mine

WELCOME to the Project! How exciting that you have joined us! I LOVE your creation! (It is really hard not to pull ideas from the show that we just watched) You did a GREAT job. No one else did a halter top. And the skirt is very kicky. Welcome!

You did a great job! I especially liked that you used the necklace as the halter ties – clever!

Kristin – The Goat

This looks like so much fun – I wish I had time to join in!

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