Knee News

Posted on: 20 August, 10

“It was the best times.  It was the worst of times.”

The trip to Connecticut was a success… if you define success as being told you need surgery, the third surgery in less than two years. 

A little back story:  I waited months to have the BIG surgery in June that was going to finally relieve the knee pain that has plagued me for years.  When Dr S opened up my knee, he did not feel the planned surgery would really help, so he did not proceed. We decided that it was time to call in the big guns.  Dr S sent me to see the doctor who developed the procedure that I was suppose to have done in June.  Dr S had studied with him, so he was able to set up a consultation for me. 

I spent 10 hours traveling back and forth to Connecticut for a twenty minute appointment.  However, it was an action packed twenty minutes.  Before I left, Dr S put together my medical portfolio, filled with notes, photos and even DVD’s of my previous surgeries.  Dr F looked at everything, examined my knee, and furiously began sketching out how the ligaments and tendons need to be rearranged.  The man is brilliant.  He agreed that Dr S made the right call to not proceed with the surgery as planned in June. 

The two doctors conferred all week, creating a brand new surgery just for me.  The questions then became “Who, when, and where?”  Dr F said he would be happy to do the surgery, but understood the complications of having major surgery so far from home.  At first Dr S was not sure if he should do the surgery. He said, “I want you to have the best care possible.”  I reminded him that Dr F has never done this surgery either.  It is new for all of us.  Clearly, Dr F is a brilliant and talented surgeon, but I have only known him for twenty minutes.  Dr S knows my knee better than anyone.  He knows me and how I respond to surgery.  I was touched that Dr S was willing to put his surgeon’s pride aside for my benefit.  In the end, Dr S agreed to my surgery.  We are now trying to work with Hubski’s travel schedule to find the right time to do the surgery. 

It sounds crazy, but I am so excited about this surgery.  Perhaps this long drama might be coming to an end.  I dread having yet another surgery.  I dread the weeks of recovery, especially since school starts in a few days.  The next few months will not be fun.  However, I am very optimistic that this will work. 

4 Responses to "Knee News"

🙂 keep us posted!

Teri, for your sake I hope it does too, I know too well the long days waiting on healing, but I also know, the days with pain and physical restriction can be equally long.

Oh, I was hoping that title was Knee ‘good’ news ! And it is – well it’s a step in the right direction anyway, and they sound quite hopeful that it might do the trick. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you don’t wait too long and that it works !

That is indeed very exciting. How wonderful that you have such a dedicated surgeon, who in turn put you in touch with such a brilliant colleague. Thinking good thoughts for you!

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