Challenge Four

Posted on: 24 August, 10


Challenge Four for Project Project Runway is the hat challenge.  On the real Project Runway, the designers had to make an outfit inspired by and to be worn with a hat designed by Philip Treacy.  You can see these wacky amazing hats here.  Most of the designers failed miserably at this challenge.  Given the “inspiration,” I am not surprised.  All of the models paraded out in the ubiquitous black slip dress and the Philip Treacy hats.  The designers had the option of sticking with their previous model or choosing a new one based on their hat.  Given that one hat was as ridiculous as the next, they all opted to stick with their model.  Knowing the model’s measurements and walk was more inspirational than the hats.  Producers, take note.  The hats did nothing for the models, the designers, Heidi (who had one of the monstrosities smashed on her head for the runway show), or the viewers.  

imageI went with the orchid hat.   It was not my favorite hat.  (Honestly, they were all a bit whack-a-doodle for my taste.)  So why did I pick the oddest one of all?  It spoke to me.  Seriously, as soon as I saw it, this little dress popped into my head.  It is not my finest work, but, look at my “inspiration.”  Sigh. 

The orchid made me think “flower girl.”  So that is my girl’s “story.”  (The judges always want to know the girl’s story, where she is going.)  My girl is a flower girl in a bridezilla’s wedding.  She crammed these annoying flowers on everyone’s head, but my little girl will at least have a pretty, yet comfy dress for the long day. 

In my own defense, the dress looks better in person.  The under layer is satin, trimmed with an acid green ribbon and eyelet lace.  The top layer is chiffon.  It is much lighter and “floatier” in real life.  At first, I was going to trim the ribbon, but I think the exaggerated size of the bow fits with the exaggerated hat. 

To further defend myself, it has been a busy, frantic, crazy week.  I was not sure I would even have time for this challenge.  With school starting and another surgery on the horizon, I may have to “auf” myself from the challenge. 

Despite my whining, this is really fun.  It makes me watch the show in a whole new way.  I have always sort of played along in my head, but now the “pressure” is on to play along in real life. 


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The hats were ridiculous, weren’t they? My favorite was the “olive” hat. At least that’s what we called it. It was the hat Casanova’s model was wearing. It reminded me of a martini olive, and I thought his dress looked like the bad dress from the 1980s that an actress from Knot’s Landing or Dallas might be wearing. So it all worked. Kinda…

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