Cheese, Gromit

Posted on: 28 August, 10


In an effort to get healthier, sugar and carbs are slowly, but surely leaving my diet.  This summer, my goal has been to build (rebuild) as much muscle mass as possible before the next surgery.  The body needs protein to build muscle, not carbs. 

Since I have the metabolism of a hummingbird, I eat lots of snacks.  Chips and crackers are such an easy snack, especially when “on the go.”  Nuts make a great high protein snack, but I miss the satisfying crunch of a chip.  Then a friend turned me onto these babies.  OMG.  Crunchy cheese!  Could it get any better? 

My personal philosophy has always been “Cheese makes anything better.”  As much as I like cheese, I prefer cheese that is all melted and gooey.  A cold lump of cheese will do in a pinch, but not nearly as good as crunchy cheese.  These little bits of sunshine are made in the microwave and can be stored in an airtight container for several days.  (The recipe is here.) 

I made up a little batch of these yummies for a snack at school.  It was so much better than going to the vending machine for a bag of processed, preservation laden, sodium saturated, carb filled chips.  More importantly, I felt better with the protein boost instead of the glucose rush. 

Now it is time to experiment with other types of cheese, perhaps some garlic, or….. BACON! 


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