Posted on: 6 September, 10

Shortly before a woman goes into labor, it is not unusual for her to have a flurry of energy which she focuses on preparing the home for the new baby.  It is called “nesting.”  A woman might suddenly be possessed with the idea of cleaning out all the closets, rearranging the entire kitchen, or painting a room. 

I am having my own little version of nesting.  With my surgery only days away, I am frantically trying to get my house and my life as organized as possible.  The recycling and trash people will not like me this week.  I cleaned out all those little nooks and crannies where we stash stuff “just until there is time to really go through it.”  Well, this is the time. 

With the last surgery, there was less sense of urgency because it was the beginning of the summer.  Life is so much more relaxed during the summer.  The boys and lots of neighbors were home during the day to help.  Now that school has started, everyone is incredibly busy. I set up a Google calendar to keep track of who is driving when and where.  Even when the boys are home, they will be busy with homework.  I stocked up on “project supplies,” like poster board, in case a project is assigned at the last minute.  I also showed everyone where the supplies are stored to avoid, “Mooooooom, I can’t find the poster board.” 

This weekend, I purchased a mini fridge to keep upstairs.  I often almost always wake up in the middle of night because I am starving.  Being able to have some snacks and juice upstairs will allow everyone else to get a full night’s sleep and prevent me from trying to navigate the stairs in the dark and on crutches.  This just might be the best $75 I ever spent. 

The knitting basket has been reorganized and is tucked under the bed.  I am working, slowly, on a sweater.  It may not be finished until Winter 2011.  This is partially due to my own perfectionism.  As it progressed, the quality of the early rows bothered me more and more.  Finally, I relented and pulled it off the needles to start again.  It was the right thing to do because I am much happier with it now. 


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