At Home

Posted on: 3 October, 10

This afternoon, I took C to the fabric store to get supplies for his next sewing project.  His Apparel Development teacher wants him to make a shirt with a collar stand.  It was a little surreal watching him select his fabric.  He was in his element, so comfortable wandering amid the bolts of fabric.  He really has a great eye for color and pattern.  He approached the cutting counter with total confidence and ease.  The clerk kept looking to me for confirmation on the order.  As I stepped away, I told her this is his project, not mine.  Once she got over the surprise, she was very sweet with him, complimenting his choices.  At the cash register was the manager who has waited on us before.  She greeted C warmly and inquired about his project.  We don't go to the fabric store *that* often, but I suppose a teenage boy who sews is rather memorable. 

It warmed my heart to see my boy so comfortable, so "at home," in a setting that has brought me so much happiness over the years.  I have always tried to give my boys the freedom to be whoever they wanted to be.  Some parents try to push their own dreams upon their children.  As much as I don't like sports, if they had wanted to play football, I would have been cheering them on at each game.  It would have been painful, but I would have done it.  It may be selfish on my part, but I love that I have someone who shares my passion for sewing. 


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