My Happy Place

Posted on: 26 November, 10

It has been too long, way too long.  I apologize for my absence, but it is rather nice to know I have been missed.  All the emails and comments have boosted my spirits.  The last few months have been a wild ride.  There have been many times I have thought about posting, even composed posts in my head. 

Some things were just too personal to share on the internet; they were not mine to share.  For some bloggers, nothing in their lives is off limits.  I am very protective of my family and friends’ privacy.  It makes for a less interesting blog, but I won’t sell out my family and friends for the amusement of others. 

Other things were just too whiny.  No one wants to read post after post of “Oh, woe is me.”  Even with everything the recent craziness around here, I am the first one to admit that it could be worse, so much worse.  Some days, it was a challenge to remember that.  There were some days of wallowing.  I tried to limit the number of people that were dragged into my pity parties.  The last few months have been a great reminder to focus on the positive.

Today, I finally found my happy place again, my sewing studio.  When my knee finally permitted me to sit at sewing machine again a couple weeks ago, my first project was costumes for the high school play.  It was all alterations and repairs of costumes from the school’s inventory.  While it was a relief to not have the pressure to create a full cast of costumes, alterations and repairs are hardly inspiring sewing.  Today, I sewed for me.  Wanting and needing immediate gratification, I went for a simple knit dress from Ottobre. 

It was amazing how handling fabric and hearing the purr of my machine was so soothing.  It felt good to create something pretty.  I have always joked about “needing” to sew, about sewing being a form of therapy.  It is not a joke.  So much tension and stress just melted away. 

Over the last few months, I have managed to keep myself busy, but I missed the design process.  I missed the creativity of sewing.  It is not a matter of “keep busy.”  There is something about taking a flat piece of fabric and turning it into something beautiful to wear. 

Perhaps it is a control issue.  With sewing, I am in charge.  I decide which fabric to use.  I decide how that fabric will drape around the body.  I decide what it will become.  I make the rules.  Sewing is something I know I can do well, yet there are always new things to learn, new ways to challenge myself.  When things around me feel out of my control, I can go to my happy place, pull out some fabric and turn it into something beautiful. 


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It is amazing what a recharger sewing is. We’re remodelling (again, or is it still?) and this time the sewing studio has taken the hit. I’m hoping to meet it again this weekend.

Can’t wait to see your cardi as well as your new dress. g

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