My First Sweater

Posted on: 29 November, 10

DSC01949There is only so much Law & Order: SVU a girl can watch.  As lovely as Chris Meloni is to look at, I needed something else to do while I sat with my knee propped up.  Once I figured out the sock thing, toe up and top down, I wanted a new challenge.  The Katrina Rib sweater instantly won my heart.  I am sucker for things that are not symmetrical, but are still geometric. 

Google was my friend during this process.  The directions are not the greatest for a beginner.  There were quite a few times that I had to Google bits of the directions to figure what I was suppose to do.  The sleeves required an IM session with a more experienced knitter.  I now know what a provisional cast on is.  DSC01948

My technique for joining new skeins of yarn could use some work.  However, I am pleased with the results.  If I can figure out the directions, they can’t be all bad.  The yarn is Rowan Extra Fine Merino DK… so soft. 

(I made the skirt, too.  It was pure coincidence that the yarn matched the skirt so well.)


1 Response to "My First Sweater"

That sweater is darling! Who did you im for help? I’m online a lot and would be happy to help you – look at you go! You’re a knitter now. g

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