Back Up

Posted on: 13 January, 11

I never give up on students because they never stop surprising me.  A student with whom I've had problems with in the past came to my defense today.  Another student became indignant when I asked him to put away his cell phone.  My defender launched into the most fantastic monologue about respect.  I wish I could remember every word because it was a thing of beauty.  Every time the cell phone boy tried to argue his position, my defender did not back down.  He told him that I was there to help him, that I wanted to see him succeed, that unless he changed his attitude and began appreciating teachers, he would never amount to anything.  It went on for several minutes, peppered with some peppery language.  It was a thing of beauty.  After class, I thanked my defender.  He said, "Don't worry.  I always got your back."  That boy is going to be okay.  As for cell phone boy… I have not given up on him.  One day, just maybe, he will become a defender too.  If we don't give up on him, maybe he will become a defender too. 

2 Responses to "Back Up"

Isn’t that the truth? You never know when the bit will sink in and make a difference – so you keep repeating yourself even though it feels like you’re talking to yourself.

Good for you for not giving up. g

I just stumbled upon your blog while doing a search for Ottobre. My magazines are packed away (we’re still settling in from a move), but I renewed my subscription + ordered some back issues. I’m living through others’ pictures and blogs until I get an Ottobre back in my hands either through the mail or unpacking. Anyway, this is one of the most touching posts I’ve read. You are truly making a difference. Thank you!

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