Simply Sewing

Posted on: 6 March, 11

I know it has been a long time.  There has been sewing, but there has also been camera issues, computer issues, time issues….  Enough whining.  Onto the sewing! 

image Simplicity 4189 was the perfect choice.  It is a simple pattern that I have used before…. successfully.  I wanted a simple project that would have a high chance of success.  The fabric was left over from this jacket.  This gives me the option of suit, if I should ever need one, but both pieces work well independently.  I included the line drawing from the pattern because the fabric really hides the seaming. 

Simplicity 4189 The bias cut of this skirt makes it hang gracefully.  It also allows the elastic waist sits smoothly so you cannot tell there is elastic.  Of course, the elastic waist makes it ever so comfortable to wear. The fabric drapes beautifully on the bias. 

It is nice to be sewing again.  The camera situation is still way more complicated than I would like, but I will try to make it work. 


1 Response to "Simply Sewing"

Yea you are sewing again. Love that skirt with the bright color – so happy. Hope you are well. g

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