Snubbing Michael Kors

Posted on: 13 March, 11

Mondo Polka Dot During Season 8 of Project Runway, Michael Kors was not a fan of Mondo Guerra’s polka dot dress.  All season, I thought the judges were smoking crack because they consistently raved over the ugliest things and criticized amazing things.  Mondo may have lost the competition, but he won my heart.  If you have ever seen any of Michael Kors stuff in the stores, you would know that he is the last one who should criticize the designs of other people. 

As soon as I saw this dress, I wanted a black and white dress with polka dots.   But what chance did I have of ever finding that fabric?  On a trip to JoAnn’s with C to buy fabric for his class, I practically knocked down two old ladies when I spied a black and white polka dot knit across the store.  I bolted to grab the bolt, even though no one else was even near it.  I couldn’t take the risk of someone else grabbing it before I did.  It is a soft, soft knit.  Oh, luscious knits, how I love thee! 

Simplicity 3775 As much as I adore Mondo’s design, a long, slinky dress does not fit my lifestyle.  Instead, I chose an old pattern that I love, Simplicity 3775.  It fits well and is so comfortable to wear.  This is a great travel dress.  I can crumple it up in the bottom of a suitcase and it still looks great.  I have worn this dress to work, the theater, and out to dinner.  Every time I get a compliment, I think, “Ha!  Take that, Michael Kors!”


2 Responses to "Snubbing Michael Kors"

Nice 🙂

I’ve been thinking of buying myself a simple dress like that, but I think I might make myself one. I would just have to find some fabric that’s stretchy (I guess I’ll have to go to a fabric store, not walmart 😛 )

I’ll let you know if I do it.

That is a stunning dress. g

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