McCalls 6044

Posted on: 20 March, 11

This is C latest project for his Apparel Development class.  He did this entire project without asking anyone for help.  The collar and cuffs are perfect.  He chose a quilting cotton because there were not many shirting options available at our local JoAnn's, he liked the color, and he wanted a soft fabric.  Those factors outweighed the wrinkling issues. The girls in the class are in awe of him.  The jeans (which I have not photographed yet) blew them away.  Then they could not believe how quickly he finished this shirt.  The teacher and I pointed out that he spends more time sewing than gossiping and perhaps that has something to do with how quickly he completes projects.  The girls are really sweet to him and think it is very cool that he is in the class.  

C did not register for the Level 3 class for next year.  There are other classes he wants to take, like Experimental Arts.  He has also been asked to be a teaching assistant for a chemistry teacher.  He feels that, at this point, he can read directions fairly well and knows how to find additional information on the internet.  He is like his mom, likes to figure things out for himself by experimenting.  The Level 3 class is geared towards students who want to go onto design school.  A huge part of the curriculum is focused on putting together a design portfolio.  He has no desire to go to design school.  Psychology is the current front runner for a college major.  He is toying with the idea of art therapy for children, which would allow him to pull in his artistic side.  I have no worries about his future.  He is a bright boy with many talents.  His curiosity and willingness to try new things will take him far.  


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C did a great job! 🙂

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