Posted on: 3 April, 11


I always say I am not a quilter.  Making two quilts since December probably qualifies me as a quilter.  They are simple quilts, so I can still call myself a novice quilter.  This one went together super fast, which is good because it is for a baby that is due any minute.  I have known about this baby for months, but waited until the last minute to get started.  Nothing like a deadline to get me motivated.  For the last quilt, I used a machine at school with a walking foot.  

Since I procrastinated on this one, and it was Spring Break this week, and the baby is due any minute, I ordered a walking foot for my machine.  I took a gambled by ordering an off brand walking foot.  For half the price, I felt it was worth the risk.  At first, it did not seem to work very well.  Without instructions, installation was trial and error.  There were a few errors.  Once installed correctly, it worked beautifully. Now I want to quilt everything!  

The family was not so thrilled when the quilt took over the kitchen table.  To quilt it, I needed space…. lots of space.  I also discovered that the kitchen table gets wonderful sunlight… perfect for sewing.  If my machine were not so heavy, I would sew down there more often.  Hmmm…. perhaps this is the perfect excuse to get that little Hello Kitty sewing machine…..  


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