Posted on: 14 May, 11

Finally, the show is over. 

Finally, photos were downloaded. 

Finally, photos were edited. 

Finally, a post is being written.

The spring musical at the high school was The Drowsy Chaperone.  It was fantastic!  If you ever have a chance to see this musical, do it.  The show is fun, funny, and entirely entertaining. 

Costumes!  I did not make many costumes this time.  We went for quality instead of quantity.  It helps that many great pieces already existed in the school costume “closet.”  (It is actually an enormous room filled floor to ceiling with costumes, shoes, hats, etc, etc.  It is great fun to explore!)  However, using existing costumes means lots of alterations.  All the men’s suits needed some sort of alteration. 

This first dress was for the female lead to wear in the big wedding scene at the end.  I used Pattern #1965 from Past Patterns.  The woman at Past Patterns (sadly, I don’t remember her name…) was lovely.  She quite helpful when I explained why I needed the patterns. 


I added rhinestones around the neckline for a little sparkle.  The sash also a bit of glittered tulle for even more sparkle.  It really showed up nicely under the stage lights.  Those ruffles?  That is 36 yards of ruffle.  36 yards that had to be hemmed, rolled edge on the serger.  36 yards that had to be gathered, slightly gathered on the serger.  36 yards that had to be attached to the skirt.  It was a lot of ruffle.  The serger would gather it tight enough.  So, I pinned it every four inches, then sort of held the extra gathering in place as I machine stitched the ruffle into place.  Did I mention that it was a lot of ruffle?  The hem is actually longer in the back, but she is standing oddly in this shot. 

The next dress is also from Past Patterns, #8721.  Neither one of these patterns were the right size.  They are copies of patterns from the 1920’s.  There were minimal directions for the ruffled dress and no directions for this dress.  The pattern pieces are not even marked “front,” “back,” “skirt,” etc.  Nonetheless, I made it work.  I modified the neckline to give it a more grown up look and to give the actress more ability to move and dance freely. 


The third dress was made without a pattern.  Yep, totally from my little head.  Are you surprised that it is my favorite?  Fortunately, the actress is very close to my size, so fitting was easy.  You can’t see it in this shot, but the chiffon drape across the neckline extends over the right shoulder and hangs down the back.  It it secured with stitching at the shoulder, but a pearl and rhinestone pin was added for decoration.  By the way, this actress’ hair is actually well past her shoulders.  I pinned it up to look like a bob.  From the audience, you would swear it had been cut. 


Here is a photo of the two girls together.  The actress in the aqua dress also has very long, as well as very thick hair.  Yes, I did her hair too.  Lots of bobby pins, styling products and hair nets. 


On the subject of hair, the actress in the red dress has incredible hair.  It is down to her elbows, THICK, curly, and THICK.  People in the audience thought she actually cut it for the show.  She and I became best buds while doing her hair….every night.  I did some alterations to an existing dress for her costume.


Here she is again in a dress that I made from my own design/pattern.  I held my breath at every costume change, in fear that her hair would come tumbling down. 


I am including the next photo simply because it is so exciting to see everyone perfectly in sync for this number.  They practiced it a million times. 


Last but not least… a shot of my son!  Who knew he could dance?!?!  This show was all dancing and singing…. and SO MUCH FUN!


I know I have totally broken my rule about posting photos of students.  (Hanging head in shame.)  But the show was so exciting and I loved making the costumes and adding “hair & make up” to skill set. In my defense, these photos are already all over the internet.  No names have been revealed.  No locations have been revealed.


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